Bed and Breakfast Vistalago Lake Nemi

Bed and Breakfast Vistalago, Nemi: a Romantic place to stay near Lake Nemi, Italy

I spent five amazing and relaxing days through some of the most beautiful villages in Lazio, leaving from Rome. My starting point was the small village of Nemi, which I knew thanks to a Turkish TV series “Cherry Season”. Here I stayed at the most romantic Bed and Breakfast Vistalago by Grazia. And today I want to write about this enchanting place and my pleasant stay.

The owner of the Bed and Breakfast Vistalago is Grazia, a very kind, lovely and, above all, helpful person. I stayed two nights in “Casa Fragola” apartment and the last night in “Dafne” room, just to make my review as complete as possible and to make your choice easier.

Let’s start talking about Casa Fragola, a beautiful apartment with red accents on the wall and details, which recalls the wild strawberries, typical fruit of these areas, cultivated all year round in the local greenhouses. In summer, here in Nemi, between the end of May and the beginning of June, the strawberry festival takes place. Even the small details are taken care of. When you enter the apartment you immediately find yourself in the kitchen with a heart-shaped counter and soft lights that create a special atmosphere. The bedroom has got a four-poster bed. Opposite the bed there is a mirror hanging from the ceiling, suspended on a dresser. The dining room is the gem of the Bed and Breakfast Vistalago. On the right there is a table with chairs where you can enjoy a delicious lunch or a romantic candlelit dinner, on the left there is a sofa on which I spent beautiful evenings crouched. Close the sofa there’s a pellet stove. From the dining room you go out onto the terrace where you can enjoy a breathtaking and panoramic view of Nemi and the lake. You will pay about €90 for a double room.

B&B Vistalago Nemi Casa Fragola

The style of the “Dafne” room is very different from the one of “Casa Fragola” apartment. I think it could be not appreciated by everyone. It is an alternative room, more suited to travelers who are willing to sacrifice some comfort for the only pleasure of experiencing something new and unique. The room is all white with stones on the walls. There is a small corner where you can prepare some coffee, tea and herbal teas and a table to sit on. The gem is the circular bed, on both sides of the bed, on the walls, there are mirrors and above the bed on the roof there are lights changing colors, like chromotherapy. The shower is right inside the room, pretty unusual to find, even inside of the shower there are blue lights. The room has no view and the only opening is the one of the door from which you enter. I think this room is great for one night, but if you want to spend more than one night in Nemi my advice is certainly to choose the Casa Fragola apartment, you can not miss sunrises and sunsets in Nemi, maybe together with the person that you love.

B&B Vistalago Nemi Dafne

Breakfast is included and you can have it outside the Bed and Breakfast Vistalago at Locanda Dafne, sitting in front the lake of Nemi, isn’t it super romantic?

B&B Vistalago

Via del Plebiscito 31, Nemi (Roma)

tel. +39 3921601194



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