Best Beaches in Lefkada

Summer has come. If you want to travel to Lefkada, you definitely cannot miss these wonderful beaches with turquoise waters that have nothing to envy to the Caribbean seas, trust me. The beaches are not listed by beauty. Each beach has to offer something different to suit your needs and your mood. Let’s get started!

This beautiful beach is very popular. It means that if you want to enjoy it you do not have to come late in the morning, better before 10am or after 6pm. It is located in the southern Lefkada. It is one of the best beaches in the world to me, thanks its turquoise waters and the charming landscape. The landscape is very impressive, because the beach seems to be swallowed up by white cliffs.

Do not forget some water to drink and a hat to protect you from the sun, because you have to walk down about 100 steps to reach Porto Katsiki. Then you have to overcome a rock walking in the water. This is a very pleasant feeling. However, if you have kids be careful, especially in the afternoon when the sea is often rough and the waves crash on the rocks. The beach is made of sand and small pebbles. It is not very big and you can rent sun-beds and umbrellas. When you arrive at the top of the steps there is a parking at a cost of approximately €6 for the whole day (even if you stay only 3 hours you have to pay the same price). Try to haggle!

TIP:  The tavern at the top of the stairs is not so cheap. Better you eat sandwiches for lunch or go to another restaurant.

You can reach Porto Katsiki by car or by taxi-boat from Nidri and Vassiliki.

Egremni beach is the most tiring beach to reach, because you have to walk down about 350 steps, but it’s worth it! This is a hidden paradise corner. While the descent is not so heavy, the climb could be just a little tiring. Look at the breathtaking view and the path will be less tiring 😉 This is a peaceful place and the water is turquoise. The sea becomes deep after a few steps in the water. Pay attention to your kids!

I’ve already talked about this wonderful beach. Maybe it is one of the best beaches for families with kids. Follow my suggestions to enjoy Agiofili beach!

I decided to put this beach inside the list, because it is the best beach for people who love kitesurfing. You should go here in the afternoon, when the wind blows stronger. People who want to play kitesurfing will find their oasis. Kitesurfing is one of the most popular watersports in Lefkada, after the windsurfing.

Here you can also look at some ancient mills. Take a pic to remember this moment! 😉

This is a well equipped beach where sun-beds with umbrella costs about €8. The beach is only 15 minutes driving from Lefkada and has many bars and discos. There is also a huge parking place which is often crowdy when it is summer. You can also reach it by bus. Here are the timetable until August 31st:

Lefkada – Kathisma: 10.45/13.30/15.30/17.15/19.00
Kathisma – Lefkada: 11.30/14.40/16.30/18.00/19.40

The sand is very hot!!!! I burnt my feet!! There is also a nice club on the beach, Areia Club Restaurant which has got a pool and where you can enjoy the amazing sunset of Kathisma!

I’m curious! Which is your favourite beach in Lefkada?

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