GPSmyCity City Walks App Review + Giveaway

Lately I’ve discovered City Maps and Walks app by I was pleased to get the chance to test and review this amazing app thanks to People know how much I love exploring new places and hidden gems on foot. I’ve visited so many cities and villages in Europe! I’ve never needed a travel agent or a tour guide to do it and I have lived my journey to the fullest, better than ever, discovering off the beaten path places without tours that often aren’t personalized. We all travel differently and you always have to follow your personality type when you travel. Trust me, there are so many tours you can do on your own without spending (and sometimes waste) your money. All you have to know is why you travel and some practical tips to plan your journey 🙂

City Walks app is a fab app for self-guided tours and I find it really great! Thanks to this app you can enjoy a walking tour to the discovery of your favourite cities throughout the world without worrying about getting lost and with no stress.
There is also a lite version which is free to download but it hasn’t got:

  • higher resolution city map, which shows more streets names and interesting places to discover.
  • tour route map, which is one of the most interesting features of this app because it guides you from one tour stop to another.

You can upgrade for $4.99 to a version to enjoy more functionality. I created an infographic to show you the top City Walks app features.

gpsmycity city walks app review
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When you download the app you can choose among different categories and choose or create your own walking tour such as cultural tour, shopping tour, eating and drinking tour, history tour, religious tour and more. The app work offline, you don’t need 3G connection, data plan or any roaming charges. Don’t you think it is great?!

The mission of is “to give everyone on the planet the choice of being their own tour guide on their next trip. Armed with the self-guided tours from, you can enjoy, explore and venture off the beaten path; while always having the confidence of knowing where you are, where to go and how to get there.” City Walks Giveaway

gpsmycity city walks app giveaway
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I’m partnering with for the second time! I’ll be giving 20 promo codes to download your favourite European City Walks app for FREE (worth 4.99$)! To enter the giveaway you have to leave a comment below explaining which European city you’d like to visit and why. You will receive the promo code for the city you have chosen. Check out European cities.
gpsmycity cities list
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Then, I’d like to connect and know more about you so:

  • If you don’t want to lose my European travel tips and itineraries stay updated with my monthly newsletter! Just enter your name and email address into the subscription boxes.
  • Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, for more regular updates. I will announce the winners on my blog post and on my social networks. I’m also on Instagram, and Pinterest. Let’s be friends! 🙂
  • If you are going to travel throughout Europe check out my travel tips and travel itineraries and get inspired!

Terms and Conditions of GPSMyCity Giveaway

Please, it is important you to know that:

  • The contest is open to anyone in the world with Apple and Android devices. The promo codes can be used on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), and for Android users;
  • This contest is open from February 1, 2017 to February 16, 2017. Any entries after this date will not be accepted.
  • The FREE promotional code for the winners of the City Walks App Giveaway will be sent to you by email after 16th February 2017.
  • Please note that each promo code is tied to a city. Once a promo code is issued, it will expire in 28 days if it is not used by then. The codes don’t last forever!!! City Walks app once downloaded do not expire, so your trip does not have to be within 28 days.
  • Winners will be chosen randomly from the list of readers who will leave their comments.

NOTE: GPSMyCity is giving users an opportunity to get a lifetime full access to ALL the self-guided city walks and articles for 700+ cities worldwide.  More details here:

Now it’s your turn! Think about which city you would like a FREE GPSmyCity promotional code for and enter the giveaway.

THE GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED! The winners are:

  • Florence
  • Cherry Chu
  • David Hampton
  • Jenny Bullock

I will send you an email with the link to your codes as soon as possible! Please, always check your spam folder out! Thanks for joining! 🙂



28 replies
  1. Jestina says:

    Can someone help me, Based on the great reviews, I installed the app for Munich and paid extra for the maps, the monies went through my PayPal but for the life of me I can;t work out how to get my maps so that I can start planning my trip !! I even uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and NOTHING. Any help would be appreciated. I know I am doing something wrong but what, I couldn’t tell ya !! Thank you

  2. Cherry Chu says:

    Hello Maria,

    I would like to visit Helsinki to experience their culture and explore Nordic art and designs. It would be very nice and I will be happy to get the GPSmyCity walk for this City 🙂
    Kind regards,

  3. Jenny Bullock says:

    Hi there,
    We would love to visit Rome this year, we haven’t used an app before to see the sights so would love the opportunity to win a free app to give it a go.

  4. Gail says:

    Sorry…disregard my previous post, I didn’t notice it was for last year. I hate when Facebook randomly pops up stuff from ages ago…..

    • Maria Orlando says:

      Hi Gail!

      So sorry, the giveway is over but there will be a surprise at the beginning of 2017 😉

      It looks like you have found this post on Facebook, right? It is strange cause Facebook doesn’t pop up past stuff unless some people share it or like it again. Always check out the date of publication. Moreover the end date is also written in the blog post!

      Stay tuned!!!!

      xxx Maria

  5. Steve Oswalt says:

    We plan to cruise the Adriatic from Venice, in May, with a stop in Zagreb, Croatia where we’d love to use GPSmycity on an iphone 6+ to see tour the old town on our own. nearing end of the cruise, GPSmycity looks like a very economical way to go.

    • Steve Oswalt says:

      Whoops, not Zagreb—we want to tour Zadar, Zadar , Crotia. Sorry about that, hope our ship has a better grasp on the itinerary than we do.

  6. Tiffiny Jeansonne says:

    I love Europe, you could drop me out of a plane and anywhere I landed would be perfect. I am taking my daughter for a month. Want to see as many places as we can. Germany, Frankfurt, is one place we plan to visit! I can’t wait, I may not come back! ?

    • Maria Orlando says:

      Frankfurt is an amazing city Tiffiny! I loved Goethe’s house! Then there are nice places to taste cider! It would be great to plan your itinerary ? Hope you can win the app! Keep in touch and good luck!

  7. María Babella says:

    I´d love to visit Paris!! I love a lot of cities from Europe, Rome eternal!! But next year I wil go to Paris for my first time!! I´m so happy for that!! Thanks for all!!! María


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