8 Best Food Apps To Have While Traveling

If you want to bring with you the culinary traditions of a certain country this list of the best food apps will satisfy all your needs! You travel for so many reasons and discovering culinary flavors around the world is one of them, do you agree? You cannot visit a place in the world without […]

Toledo, Spain: What to See in the City of Three Cultures

Toledo is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain together with Segovia, which I really love. It is just 70 km from Madrid and it is a good choice for a day trip. Toledo can easily be visited in one day, but you can also spend a nice weekend here. Save Toledo is the […]

Top London Markets: A Complete Guide (What to Buy, Where to Eat)

If I say “London Markets”, what first comes to your mind? I guess the world-famous Portobello Market, tell me if I’m wrong! What if I told you there are many other, nicer and cheaper markets in London, in my opinion? London really gives you the opportunity to choose among different markets where to buy collectibles, […]

Ragusa, Modica & Scicli: 2-Day Travel Itinerary Across Sicily’s Baroque Towns

How many of you are fascinated by the Baroque towns? So you cannot miss this 2-day tour to the discovery of Ragusa, Modica and Scicli in Sicily, cull of Baroque. In Sicily, the Baroque style has left its mark and many cities are witnesses of its beauty. I already wrote about Noto, a true capital […]

Top Gay-Friendly Bars in Madrid Where to Feel Like Home

Madrid is a cutting edge city that greets all types of travelers and it is also gay-friendly. A reader of Travellector is going to visit Madrid soon and asked me to show him a few bars or pubs where gays can really feel like home, have fun and meet interesting people. So, after thinking on […]