4 Places to Eat the Best Granita in Catania

There are 4 places to eat the best granita in Catania. Granita is a unique experience for your taste buds. You have to taste it and then you won’t do without it. The only true granita is Sicilian. While in the northern of Italy it is made of crushed ice and various syrups (this is an outrage for me), there is a long tradition in Sicily. The ice is almost imperceptible, because it is very fine. The texture is close to the ice cream, but it is not creamy. The result is a unique product. It doesn’t matter if it is done by almonds, coffee, chocolate, pistachio, strawberry, because you will feel the taste of each ingredient melting in your mouth.

Granita is not the same in all parts of Sicily. For instance, granita is much more grainy in Messina (such as Da Alfredo‘s bar in the Aeolian Islands). My favorite is the one from Catania, because the mixture is smooth, sublime and refined. The cost is about 2-3 €. You can taste an excellent granita in many bars, but taste it with the classic brioche with “tuppo”, which is the hat of the brioche 😉

Here are my suggestions:

  1. Caffè Europa. Corso Italia 302. I do love this bar. Here the granita melts in your mouth not to mention the brioche. My favorite flavors are chocolate, almond and pistachio. If you prefer fruit granita then you will have a wide choice. Mulberries flavour is fantastic.
  2. Cioccolato Caffè. Via Ruggero di Lauria 129. Here you can taste a good granita enjoying a beautiful landscape with sea view. Choose almond and pistachio.
  3. Gelateria Zappalà. Via dei Caduti del Lavoro 75. If you want to spend less, good quality/price ratio, head to the Gelateria Zappalà. Strawberry flavor is incredible!
  4. Pasticceria Pistorio. Piazza Ariosto 19. If you like lemon flavor visit this pastry. Here you can taste the best lemon granita. Chocolate, almond and coffee are good.

I have my mouth watering and you? Have you ever eaten a granita?

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