7 Traditional Taormina Restaurants to Try Sicilian Cuisine

Taormina is one of the most charming towns in the world. If you are in Sicily and you want to be enchanted by the charm of nature and medieval history, you cannot miss it. Taormina a real gem set in a Sicilian heaven. It is a pleasant place to spend a day, although it is not always cheap. I wrote about the most romantic Taormina restaurants where you can celebrate a special moment of your life, and most of all are included in the medium high category. Here is a list of traditional Taormina restaurants, where you can try Sicilian cuisine without spending a fortune.

TIP: every time I go to Taormina I have dinner at CutìLuDissi. If you want to save some money you can also have dinner in Castelmola, just near Taormina. There are great and cheap places in Catania, if you prefer not to have dinner in Taormina. Here prices are more affordable. Then be careful with the price of wine bottles and beverage! They soar!

Here are my favourite 7 traditional restaurants in Taormina to taste local cuisine:

1. CutìLuDissi. Via Ospedale 9.

On of my favourite restaurants ever. The atmosphere is magical and the quality of food is high. The best thing is that it is not expensive as you could think! You enjoy all the genuinity of Sicilian on a terrace overlooking Taormina. Fish is the main dish. Swordfish rolls and octopus with potatoes are my favourite food. They pay attention to details and there are also gluten free dishes.

ristorante cutìludissi in Taormina overlooking the town
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2. TIRAMISÚ TRATTORIA. Via Apollo Arcageta 9.

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Although this restaurant is near Porta Catania the atmosphere is intimate and cozy. There is a lovely veranda where you can enjoy your meal. Food is excellent. Price is about €40-50 per person for 2 starters, a first and a second dish, a dessert and wine. However, if you are with another person I recommend to choose 2 main courses and one second course to share with your friend or a starter and 2 main courses. In this way, you will pay even less than €40. Prawns and linguine with clams are really good. I also tasted eggplant rolls with tuna and almonds. Photo courtesy of Tiramisù Trattoria.

2. ROSSOPEPERONCINO. Vico Sacramento 2bis. Website.

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This is one of my favourite Taormina restaurants together with CutìLuDissi. The atmosphere is peaceful. The restaurant is classy and out from the horde of tourists in Taormina. It is located in one of the alleys. Outside tables are set in the garden, giving the place a really romantic touch. Price is approximately €40 per person including drinks. The quality/price ratio is good. Salad of oranges and onions is yummy! I tasted parmesan swordfish (it is a starter but I chose to eat it as a second course) and a pie with warm heart of pistachio cream (it is called “tortino al cuore caldo” in Italian and I love it especially when there is dark chocolate cream inside). Portions are less abundant than other restaurants I mentioned in this list. Photo courtesy of Rossopeperoncino.


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The restaurant is located just behind the Cathedral of Taormina. It’s very simple furnishings. It is often crowded so you should book in advance. Starters are good but not excellent. Tagliatelle with squid, octopus salad, cod fillet with seafood were tasty. Approximately €30 per person. Photo courtesy of Don Ciccio Restaurant.

4. TAVERNA AL PALADINO. Via Naumachia 21. Website.

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This restaurant is located in one of the alleys of Taormina. Taste the salad of oranges and olives, it is really good. Here you can enjoy traditional Sicilian cuisine. Swordfish parmigiana, ravioli with pistachio and swordfish and ravioli with ricotta and pistachio sauce are really yummy! Approximately €30 per person. Photo courtesy of Taverna Al Paladino.

5. AL GIARDINO. Via Bagnoli Croci 84.

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This restaurant is very simple furnishings. Fettuccine with pistachio, pesto and shrimp, and swordfish rolls with raisins are really good. Taste also croquetas ricotta with honey from Etna! Good quality/price ratio. Approximately €50-60 for 2 starters, 2 first or second, sometimes sweet, water and 1 glass of wine. You can also choose only one starter.

7. MALVASIA.Via Apollo Arcageta 8.

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It is located near “Porta Catania”. Linguine with seafood, and shellfish ravioli and pistachio are good. Price approximately €30 for 2 courses and water.

This article has been required by a Travellector‘s fan who is going to travel to Taormina. I confess that the best Sicilian food is what you can taste at Sicilians’ houses. Every time I go to a restaurant I always find something which is not perfect at 100%. I think it is normal or I am too finicky. My mother and my grandmother cook divinely. They are great teachers to me 🙂

If you were in Taormina right now, which of these Taormina restaurants would you like to try?


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  1. sydney says:

    Thanks for the recommendations! Can you please write an article with restaurant suggestions in Catania! Thanks!

    • Maria Orlando says:

      Hi Sidney, sorry but I don’t have time to write an article before you arrive cause I’m going on holiday. In the email I sent you I suggested “Al Vicolo pizza e vino” to eat a wonderful pizza, if you cannot reserve a table go to “Sazi & Sani” (Via Sisto 46) or Eat Pizzeria (Via Carlo Felice Gambino, 17), to eat a fab hamburger go to “FUD” (where you can taste pizza too) or “Feelin’ Good” (Via Carlo Felice Gambino, 17). If you want to taste fish go to “MM Trattoria” (Via Pardo, 34) at fish market. 🙂 You can reach them on foot cause they are in the center of Catania!

  2. Peter Miceli says:

    Dear Maria:

    We took your recommendation and ate at Rossopeperoncino last night. It was very good. I started out with the caponata and it was good and the portion was just right. The pasta dish I had may have been one of the best I ever had…spaghetti with anchovies, olives, capers, fresh tomatoes and breadcrumbs! The breadcrumbs were toasted and gave it an amazing touch. We also had the local red wine which was perfect! Thank you again, you are an amazing reference source!

  3. Peter Miceli says:

    Dear Maria:

    Thank you so much for this article…as you know I will be visiting in a very short time and this list is very beneficial. I have been to L’Incontro and your review is spot on. It seems that I will agree with you as Rossopeperoncino looks more to my liking.
    You have done outstanding work in assisting me with my Taormina desires as well as Paris which will follow.
    This will be a truly memorable trip, in large part, thanks to you!

    Warm regards,

    • Maria Orlando says:

      Peter you know that I’m happy when I can assist kind people like you. You have a great soul! Thank you for your request. If you have any questions feel free to contact me 🙂 Keep in touch!


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