Bavaria tour: Best Christmas Markets for Romantic Couples

If you are thinking to make a Bavaria tour with your partner consider to visit the best Christmas markets. Bavaria is a wonderful destination for romantic couples, especially now. Here, there are all the elements for a romantic setting: snow (if you are lucky enough to find it), Christmas atmosphere, small and well-lighted towns. If you are traveling with your loved one you will enjoy the best Christmas markets in Bavaria. You will always find the same traditional German food. What changes is the setting and sometimes what markets sell. Together with Salzburg Christmas markets they are my favourite ones!

Here are the best christmas markets in Bavaria you cannot miss for a romantic Bavaria tour!

Best Christmas Markets in Bavaria for Romantic Couples
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I already wrote about the best Christmas markets in Munich for everyone. To me the most romantic market is the one which takes place in Marienplatz. Here there is an awesome neo-gothic building: the New Town Hall (Neue Rathaus) which really makes the difference. I’ve always thought that there is something romantic in Gothic style.


1) Nuremberg Christmas market is among my favorites. It is one of the best Christmas markets in Bavaria for its romantic location. The market takes place in Hauptmarkt (from November 25 to December 24, 2016), the main square of the city where there is the charming Frauernkirche. You can admire a big crib with wooden statues dressed in wood. About 200 stalls are decorated in red and black. Taste cute zwetscghgenmannle (small figures made of dry prune plums), nurnberger rostbratwürste (small spicy sausages with sauerkraut), spicy gingerbread and Nuremberg sausages. You can also find objects from all parts of the world. If you want to know more about it click here!

TIP: Don’t miss the procession of lanterns on December 10. 100 children are going to walk through the centre of the city with their lanterns craft. The atmosphere will be magical!

2) The Kinderweihnacht (from November 25 to December 24, 2016), or Children’s Market. I put it on my list for couples, because sometimes romantics are also nostalgic. There are many attractions such as the old-fashioned carousel, the steam train, Nativity scene trail and the Ferris wheel.

NOTE: If you have kids there is a nice workshop where they make candles and sand pictures. More details here.

Kinderweihnacht Christmas market carrousel
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1) How many of you do know this lovely market? The Old medieval Town of Regensburg  is a UNESCO-World Heritage Site and it is very romantic! You shouldn’t miss it! The market takes place from November 21 to December 23, 2016 around the Church Neupfarr. Here are all the details.

Regensburg Christmas market
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2) Lucrezia Markt (from November 25 to December 23, 2016). This is a market where artists and craftsmen sell wonderful handmade gifts: such as dolls, pottery, marionettes. Photo courtesy of

3) If you really want to experience something unique, do not miss the Romantic Christmas market at Thurn and Taxis Castle. It is not a free Christmas market, but it is worthy to visit! The ticket price from Monday to Friday is €6.50, the ticket costs €8.50 on Saturdays and Sundays. More details here. This awesome Bavarian market takes place in the courtyard of the castle, lit by torches, lanterns and candles. At the center of the courtyard there is a wonderful decorated Christmas tree. Who knows? Maybe you can meet Gloria, the Princess of Thurn und Taxis. She lives here! 😉 Photo courtesy of


The main market of Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber is one of the most charming and best Christmas markets in Bavaria. It takes places between the Town Hall (Rathaus) and the church of St. Jakob (more info here). Taste the schneeball a pastry made from strips of sweet dough fried and covered with powdered sugar.

Don’t miss the famous  Käthe Wohlfahrt Christmas emporium, a magical place where you will breathe the real Christmas atmosphere with your loved one.
Käthe Wohlfahrt Christmas
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This is the perfect charming setting for romantic couples. Romantic Advent at Bad Reichenhall is a market, near Salzburg (another romantic destination), at the foot of the stunning mountains. Trust me, the setting is breathtaking! This town is surrounded by snowy mountains and lights are everywhere. You can also visit Berchtesgaden Salt Mines with the salt museum, mizing history, nature, and relax at the same time. This town is called “spa town”. Photo courtesy of

Bad Reichenhall Christmas market
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1) Würzburg Christmas market takes place in the pretty square with gothic chapel of Saint Mary’s. More details here. Photo courtesy of

2) There is also the Artists’ Christmas Market in the Town Hall’s courtyard, where more than 40 artists sell their creations: silver jewelry, hand-made teddy bears, pottery, jams.

Würzburg Christmas market
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TIP: Visit the awesome Residence Castle which is UNESCO Heritage!


Altötting is a religious town, known for the pilgrimage of thousands of travelers from the world, because of the statue of the “Black Madonna”, made of lime wood, venerated in the sanctuary of Gnadenkapelle, which is in the middle of the Kapellplatz. The market takes place, from 25 November to 18 December 2016. You can buy local crafts and traditional food. There is also a beautiful mechanical crib with wooden figures made by Oberammergau artists. More details here. Photo courtesy of

NOTE: Don’t miss the Jerusalem Panorama Crucifixion of Christ, painted by Gebhard Fugel, just a few minutes walking from Kapellplatz. Moreover, Altötting is not far from the stunning Lake Chiemsee. Visit it if you have time!


Augsburg is a charming town in Bavaria. This is another romantic setting for Christmas market. The Renaissance Town Hall and the Perlach Tower are beautiful. The gables of bourgeois houses are decorated and there is a stunning Christmas tree and a Christmas pyramid 8 mt high. Don’t miss the Engelesspiel. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the City Hall becomes an Advent calendar: 24 angels appear on the beautiful facade of City Hall, singing and playing. There is also a Fairytale Trail. 8 animated shops display the fairytale told by a gnome family about gnomes, trolls and best wishes. More details here. Photo courtesy of


I decided to add Füssen on my list because it is a lovely and romantic medieval town. From here you can visit the most romantic castle in Baviera: the Neuschwanstein Castle. The traditional Christmas Market takes place in the Baroque courtyard of the monastery of St. Mang. The stalls are decorated with lights and they look like the facades of the medieval buildings in Füssen. Photo courtesy of

To me, these are the best Christmas markets for romantic couples. By the way, I think everything becomes romantic and special when you are with the loved one, but often the setting helps you to increase the romanticism, and we all need a bit of romanticism in our lives, don’t we? 😉

Have you ever taken a Christmas Bavaria Tour? What are your best Christmas markets in Bavaria?

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