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  1. Joann says:

    Hi Maria
    my husband and myself will be in Catania for a weekend in November and I thought of spending one day around some fishing villages and other day near Mt Etna. Where do you suggest? I prefer non touristy places. (We have already been to Taormina). And can you suggest some very good places to eat, one for sea food and other for meat products?

    thank yoou

    • Maria Orlando says:

      Hi Joann!

      You could spend one day (or less) in Acicastello first and Acitrezza then. These fishing villages are very romantic and full of history. I wrote an article about Acitrezza here You will love them! In Acitrezza you could have lunch at “A Putìa di Colapesce” in via Marina 13 where fish is very good!

      One of my favourite places to eat fish in Catania is “Canni & Pisci-Meat & Fish” in Via Museo Biscari 8 or “Hosteria del Panda” in Viale Della Libertà 129.

      My favourite place to eat meat (and pizza of course) is “Al Vicolo Pizza&Vino” in Via del colosseo 5/7 near Piazza Stesicoro but you have to book a table here! If you cannot book a table try at “Trattoria Catania Ruffiana” in Via Aloi 50 (here you can also taste good fish and traditional Sicilian food).

      Hope my advice help you! Let me know Joann! 🙂

  2. mala says:

    Hi Maria –

    I just chanced upon your blog and love it .
    Our family of four ( My hubby and I in our late 30s, early 40 and my two kids an 8 yr old girl and 4 year old boy) were to travel to Turkey and Greece this summer for a 2.5 weeks . Its a trip I was looking forward to for years . Our destinations were Istanbul, Cappadoccia, Naxos, Santorini and Athens – unfortunately with the current scene in turkey – it feels very unsettling to go there esp when traveling with little kids . i am so bummed . Its has been my dream destinations for years:(. Now we decided to travel elsewhere – we changed our tickets to land in Stockholm on Jun 21th and fly out of Copenhagen July 6th. My husband has been wanting to see Norway & Scandanavian countries. my fear is this trip will no way match up to the other one we originally had planned. I am more interested in nature and stunning landscapes than cities and museums. I would love to get your advise on where you think we should go – I see you have suggestions for 3 days in stockholm and 3 days in Copenhagen – and perhaps we can do a week in norway – Planning this trip has been very confusing – perhaps you can help !



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