Culinary Experience at Da Alfredo’s in the Aeolian Islands

One of the most unforgettable culinary experiences you can enjoy in the Aeolian Islands is in Salina, at Da Alfredo’s. Here you can taste granita and “pane cunzatu“. There are some tables outside. Appetizers, granite (I recommend coffee) and pane cunzatu are served. Which of Da Alfredo‘s granite should you try? As I mentioned in my Salina’s itinerary, try the pistachio, coffee, almond or chocolate granita. The texture is grainy compared to typical Sicilian granita, but they are still good. The cost per granita is €2.60.

 NOTE: if you want fresh croissants do not go too early in the morning but around 10 when the baker makes deliveries.

And what about the pane cunzatu? No words for this typical food — or better, one word: incredible! Pane cunzatu (which is the Sicilian dialectic word for dressed bread) is, indeed, a bread dressed with a lot of ingredients. The bread is grilled and you can choose among different combinations of ingredients (typical of Aeolian Islands) to put on it. Start with a half portion, because it is impossible to eat it all, unless you haven’t eaten for 2 days 🙂 I tasted the “Misto pane cunzatu” with tomatoes, capers, eggplant in olive oil, olives, sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella and the “Salina pane cunzatu” with almond pesto, capers, tomatoes, cucunci, grilled eggplant, ricotta cheese and fresh mint. All the bread is seasoned with olive oil, salt, oregano and basil. The cost of the most simple pane cunzatu is 8€; the Salina and the Misto cost 12€.

Did I manage to convince you? Have you ever tasted something like this in your country?

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