Paris Walks: Cool Things To Do in South Pigalle

Paris walks are always so charming and walking through South Pigalle is one of the coolest things to do in Paris. Nowadays South Pigalle is considered the New Marais. Yes, because just this area of Paris, more commonly called SOPI, attracts intellectuals and bohemians. Put it among the best things to do in Paris during your Paris walks, Here are shops, bakeries, and bistroes that are worth a visit to enjoy the magical Paris atmosphere that Paris. Audrey Tatou (Amelie Poulain in The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain) and Jean Paul Gaultier have failed to resist his charm. It is nice juggling South Pigalle’s boutiques and enjoying Paris nightlife near the Marais area. South Pigalle is in the 9th arrondissements. If you are in Paris go to South Pigalle and bookmark these places!

Paris walks
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Paris walks: let’s start with a little culture

1. Le Musée de la Vie Romantique. 16 rue Chaptal. Website.

Pigalle offers cultural attractions such as this fab museum at the foot of Montmartre Hill. Here 19th century painter Ary Scheffer lived and spent his time with Delacroix, Dickens, Gounod, George Sand and Frederic Chopin. There is also the plaster cast of Chopin’s right hand. As a classical music lover (and a pianist), this place deserves a visit. It brings you back in time. Can you believe Chopin has been here? There are precious objects, memories, portraits.
Some of the most attractive features of this museum are the yard and the greenhouse, where you can taste a good tea. It is very romantic! Museum admission is free!!! Don’t miss it!

2. Musée Gustave Moreau. 14, Rue de La Rochefoucauld. Website.

Moreau’s lovers will appreciate this house museum. Moreau was a symbolist painter and here there are more than 1300 works. This amazing apartment is a journey into the mind of Moreau. I cannot believe there are so many travel guides not mentioning it. However, it is worth a visit.

Breakfast in the morning for foodies

3. Pétrin Médiéval. 31, Rue Henry Monnier.

This boulangerie is a place that foodies cannot miss. It bakes delicious croissants to taste together with cappuccinos but also cheesecakes, apple tarts (my favourite ones), snacks and sandwiches. Bread is baked in the traditional stone oven. Different flours are used: organic grains, and seeds. You can leap in time!

4. Arnaud Delmontel. 39, Rue des Martirys. Website.

Another noteworthy boulangerie ideal for your morning breakfast is Arnaud Delmontel, where you can taste delicious croissants. Here you can also buy macaroons. One of the things that struck me about his place is that if you want to bring something to eat during your walk they won’t put your food in regular plastic bags but cardboard bags with satin handles, just like a boutique does! Baguettes are crumbly and delicious, some of the best I’ve tasted in Paris.

For a dinner in a traditional bistro

5. Buvette Gastrotheque. 28, Rue Henri Monnier. Website.

I like this place. It is intimate, cosy and very romantic with dim lighting. It is just 2 steps from the Moulin Rouge. Here you can taste typical dishes of French cuisine with an extensive wine list. It is also a great choice for an aperitif before diving into Parisian nightlife. You can enjoy tasty dishes at reasonable prices. The rabbit with mustard sauce is unique (my Parisian friend recommended eating it. I usually don’t eat rabbit, but it was good).

6. Tsubame. 40, Rue de Douai.

It is a Japanese bistro owned by a Franco-Japanese couple. It has a lovely terrace and it is a must for Japanese food, which is unique and cheap! Yes, cheap, in Paris! Try the bento, the Japanese izayakas tapas, traditional sushi and other seafood such as sea snails (bulots). You can share them with a friend to have more choices at a cheaper price. Of course, do not miss the saké, a typical Japanese drink.

7. Le Pantruche. 3, Rue Victor-Masse. Facebook page.

The Pantruche is a French spartan bistrot that offers genuine food at modest prices. Menus starts from €35 (entrée, plat et dessert). There are many mirrors, faceted columns and wooden tables. The tables are all very close so I do not recommend it for a romantic dinner if you want intimacy with your partner. I highly recommend taking the dessert Grand Marnier souffle with salted butter caramel. I suggest reserving a table!

For a romantic stay

8. Hôtel Amour. 8, Rue de Navarin. Website.

You cannot miss this hotel during Paris walks at South Pigalle. This hotel is very nice not only to enjoy a stylish brunch but also for staying. There are red love seats and you can have a brunch under the glass roof. The formula brunch is about €21 and you can also opt for the vegetable formula (suitable for vegetarians). Rooms are very romantic!

Design and Fashion boutiques for Paris shopping

9. Celia Darling. 5, Rue Henry Monnier. Website.

It is a place for lovers of vintage clothes and accessories. It is located in the lovely place of Toudouze.

Parisian nightlife

10. Dirty Dick. 10, Rue Frochot.

This tiki bar is ideal for having a drink while chatting with friends. The atmosphere is casual and it is frequented mostly by young people. It is located right next to the Moulin Rouge. The drinks are quite pricey, approximately €15.

Paris walks will make you discover cool places. What are you waiting for walking through South Pigalle?


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  1. Joyce LovePeace says:

    I went to Pigalle last year November, but I missed out all the places that you mentioned.
    I will discovered all of them on the trip on Feb 2016.
    Thank You for sharing.

    • Maria Orlando says:

      Thank you Ardjette! It is kind of you 🙂 South Pigalle is an eclectic area in Paris and not so many places are known! What a pity! I love discovering hidden gems in Europe! Keep in touch!


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