Salina, the Green Paradise of the Aeolian Islands in 2 Days

I define Salina as the green paradise of the Aeolian Islands. It is my favorite island, because I love its wild and untouched nature.

Salina is the perfect destination for harmonious and introspective people, romantic, families, hiking lovers, and for all those who want to relax, away from the bustle of the city. There are also many place which are perfect for yoga and meditation. If you are searching for a place to have fun at night, this is not the right place.

It is composed by six ancient volcanoes. Amazing nature walks, between the mounts Fossa delle Felci and Monte dei Porri, are possible.

Salina takes its name from the Lingua’s lake, from which salt was extracted. It is formed by 3 districts: Santa Marina, Malfa and Leni.
You can visit Salina in 2 days. Here you are my travel itinerary dedicated to the beauty of this small island.

DAY 1. SANTA MARINA – LINGUA (afternoon)
You can reach Salina from Milazzo’s port. Book the hydrofoil (there are 2 companies: Ustica Lines or SIREMAR) in loco, at the office which is just in front of the departures place. The cost is about 18€ (one way). Salina is the third Aeolian Island in order of arrival. The hydrofoil will take about an hour and a half to get there. I stayed at SalinArte Bed and Breakfast, a quiet place, recently restored whose owner is always very friendly. Prices range from €35 to €90. The hydrofoil docks in Santa Marina Salina, the most vital point of the island.

There are 2 ways to get around the island:
– By bus
– By scooter or car

The bus line works pretty well and it is linked to the strategic point of the Island. Here you are a map which can be useful for your trip:

But if you want to feel free to visit Salina, even the most hidden angles, rent a scooter (this is the best option) or a car (if you are far away from the city center and especially at night if it is cold).

So if you decide to rent a scooter go to the Noleggio Bongiorno. The price is about 30€ for a 50cc scooter, per day. You also have the option to book your scooter online, but if you do it in loco you can ask for a price reduction. Get a copy of the grant agreement with the price you agreed upon.

Now go to Lingua, which is not so far away from Santa Marina. Lingua’s beach is made of pebbles, so bring your shoes and always remember that the only sandy beach in Salina is Rinella . After a nice swim in Lingua’s crystal and clear waters (watch out for jellyfishes, especially in Pollara ), go to Da Alfredo‘s bar and enjoy a granita. This place is just in front of the Lingua’s beach. People say that here the granita is delicious but I have my own personal opinion.
If you like a grainy granita it is really delicious, especially pistache, almond and chocolate granita. BUT I prefer Catania’s granita. Instead, I believe that here you can taste a special savory bread called “cunzatu”.

Enjoy Lingua, which is around the church and is full of bars and souvenir stalls, then on foot reach the road and you will come across a salt lake (used in the past as saline), with a disused lighthouse. What a beautiful view towards the Lipari Island!

In the morning, head to the beach in Malfa which is done by large pebbles. The water gets deep quickly and often the currents are strong. If you have children, be careful.
malfa beach in salina
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I recommend a top farm, Agriturismo Galletta, for lunch.
In the afternoon, head to Pollara, an enchanting place where the Italian movie Il Postino was filmed. It can be reached by paved road, which then turns into stairs. The beach of Pollara is very impressive and has a characteristic stack, which shows how this place is a crater collapsed into the sea. Then there are some old buildings set in the rock, they are the shelters for fishing boats that recall the Verga’s stories, set in 1800. Enjoy the sunset!

DAY 3. RINELLA (morning)
Last day. Head to the black beach of Rinella , which is the only sand beach in Salina. Use the flip-flops, cause the sand is very hot. For your last lunch enjoy Alfredo‘s pane cunzatu.

Are you ready to go to the Aeolian Islands to discover the wild Salina? Have you ever visited a place like this? Let me know!

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