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  1. Demir Özkaya says:

    Hello Maria,
    Thank you very much for the information about Taormina’s reaturants. It was very helpful to us.
    I would to like to ask one question to you. One of my friend has recommed me the island Pantelleria.
    Is it realy interesting to visit.? If yes how is the connection from italian cities?
    Thank you very much in advance
    All the best

    • Maria Orlando says:

      Hi Demir!

      Glad you find it useful! 🙂 It is not always easy to choose what to visit in Sicily. There are so many things to see. Pantelleria…well, it depends on what you are looking for. To me Pantelleria is a wild, very wild island with dramatic landscapes, nice for trekking or to spend a day on a boat. I was struck by Lago Specchio di Venere (Venere’s mirror Lake), Laghetto delle Ondine and Cala Tramontana (you can google these places) but it is not my favourite island. You can reach it by ferry from Trapani approximately in 2 hours. In the western Sicily, I prefer Egadi Islands: Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo, which are really stunning.

      Hope it helps and let me know if you need other advice 🙂

      All the best!

  2. Barry says:

    Hi Maria,

    My fiancee and I are visiting Sicily mid August 2016, staying at Taormina. I know that August 15th is a special day (Assumption) and have noted that there are quite spectacular celebrations in nearby Randazzo on that day. Would you recommend a visit ? I would certainly appreciate any advice from you.



    • Maria Orlando says:

      Hi Barry!!!

      Here in Italy August 15th is called Ferragosto, in honour of the Emperor Ottaviano Augusto that celebrated the end of agricultural work. During this day people didn’t work and there were a lot of celebrations. Only then it became a Catholic celebration. Today there are celebrations in small villages like Randazzo, where you can take part to “The Assumption Vara” celebration. On the evening of August 14 there is a procession with the statue of the Sleeping Madonna. In August 15 there is a procession of the Vara which is an allegorical triumphal chariot 20 meters high representing death, assumption and coronation of the Virgin Mary. On Vara there are 30 characters between boys and girls representing the Apostles, the Angels, the Saints, Virgin Mary and Christ. While the Vara goes through the streets of the village accompanied by the band, the guys who are above sing an ancient hymn, and people on the balconies throw sweets to children. We are used to see a lot of celebrations like this in Sicily but I don’t think it is so amazing to deserve a visit. Better “Vara” procession in Messina. It is more spectacular. You also have to consider that it is a feast day everywhere and there is much traffic on the streets!

      Saluti 🙂

  3. thomas says:

    Hi Maria
    my wife and I are planning 3 days in Copenhagen early May 2016. we are in our 50’s, very fit and active – we love to walk…… your 3 day tour sounds great. I need a decent hotel in a nice neighborhood to launch our 3 days in Copenhagen….could you recommend /email one please?……It would help. or at least, suggest an area for us…..

    thanks, Thomas Lombardi

    • Maria Orlando says:

      Hi Thomas!

      It sounds great, you will enjoy Copenhagen. Not all hotels in Copenhagen have a good quality/price ratio. Copenhagen is an expensive city. So, what’s your budget?

      My favourite hotels are:
      – Copenhagen Admiral Hotel, which is a bit expensive but you can find great deals. The location is magical, perfect for a couple.
      – Axel Guldsmeden – Guldsmeden Hotels (near station and Tivoli Gardens. Most hotels which are located in this part of the city have a moderate price)

      Then, if you are looking for a day trip from Copenhagen and you love great outdoors (and you want to see something different from what I put in my article) consider to visit Northern Zealand popular for its beautiful landscapes, beaches and also Kronborg Castle at Helsingør, known for Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

      You can also spend a day in Malmo (Sweden), a lovely city yuo can easily reach via Øresund Bridge. Check out my article

      I will write more about Copenhagen and you are going to travel in May so stay tuned!

      Let me know if you receive my message (just to be sure it is not in your spam folder).

      If you need any help I will be happy to satisfy all your questions 🙂

      Maria xxx

  4. Ivan says:

    I would like to invite you to come and write about Serbia. I would write your itinerary and help you out how to figure us out. Hopefully you will accept my invitation and experience our lovely country.
    Best regards


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