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If you are on this page it is because you have decided your travel destination but you don’t know how to plan your trip. Send me your travel request! I will be glad to give you the best advice to plan your itinerary based on your personality type, if you decided to visit Europe. IT IS FREE!

First of all join my Travellector FB page. Leave a message on FB. Try to be specific, tell me something about your personality, your interests and if you are going to travel alone or not. I recommend this personality test. Then, if you want, let me know your result! It will help me understand more about yourself, so that I can give you the best advice. You can get inspired by checking out other itineraries under the tag “Travel Itinerary”. If you like my travel itinerary, please comment it and share it.

NOTE: If I have already written other articles about the place you want to visit, I will send you what I think could match your personality. It may be helpful to you. Always tune in on the fb page and on the blog, so you can also take advantage of other info given by other people.

Share my tips and itineraries to help travellectors community grow. More travellectors, more friends, more travel tips for you!!! 🙂