Serravalle Pistoiese, Hilltop Medieval Village in Tuscany

Serravalle Pistoiese is a nice hilltop medieval village in Tuscany. It is located on a hill among olive groves and vineyards. When I visited Pistoia (here’s my itinerary) I could not resist not to visit several medieval villages such as Montepulciano, Montevettolini and Vinci.
The IX century village of Pistoia Serravalle is the ideal place for those who want a bit of outdoor space to relax in, especially if you’ve been all day to sightsee. When you arrive at Serravalle Pistoiese you can see from afar the Torre Nuova (New Tower), an hexagonal tower which reigns with the remains of the walls.

Walk up to the Gabella Door (dated XIV century), a stone arch which allows you to enter a large space, a sort of square where you can still see the old well to collect rainwater. Climb up the quadrangular tower stairs made of iron (wear comfortable shoes).
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This is the reason that leads me to advise you to visit Serravalle Pistoiese. You’ll be speechless. Once at the top you will enjoy a priceless view. The green Ombrone and Nievole valleys of Tuscany and the medieval village: the perfect mix! Yes, you will be on the top of the world! 😉 From here you will see the Barbarossa Tower, in light-colored limestone, and the Santo Stefano Bell Tower.
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Among the typical streets of the village you will bump into the San Michele Church and Santo Stefano Church.
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There are no fees to enter the village. I enjoyed this lovely medieval village, especially at sunset with the ruins becoming darker. Here is a panormaic view of Serravalle Pistoiese. Now, tell me if it is possible to forget this lovely medieval village!
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