11 Most Sophisticated Beach Clubs in the French Riviera

If you want to enjoy a glam sunset aperitif or a romantic sea view dinner, you should choose among the most sophisticated beach clubs that dot the French Riviera. The beach clubs in the French Riviera are also ideal for business meetings in the open air and in a totally relaxing atmosphere at times, and […]

4 Must-See Evocative Villages in Sicily With Unique Traits

These evocative villages in Sicily, often unknown, stand out for some distinctive traits that make them unique in their being not exactly famous. This, however, leads you to experience a touch of private luxury and, at the same time, the authenticity of experiences related to local culture. Agira, the sweetest village This small village in […]

the truth in the era of coronavirus

Living in the Era of Coronavirus (the Truth from an Italian)

A new page of history has been written and it is related to Coronavirus. How many places do we take for granted? How many people do we take for granted? A few days ago I was planning my next travel destination. I felt excited, but at the same time a little anxious. I was thinking […]


L’8 Boutique Design Apartments in Bologna

I have always wanted to visit Bologna, the “young city” as I have always called it. There are a lot of students from all over Italy and it is rich in events. I enjoyed a weekend in total relaxation in a lovely, elegant and welcoming apartment: L’8 Boutique Design Apartments, ideal for travelers who love […]

Residenza Farnese patio

Residenza Farnese, Bed and Breakfast du charme

During my tour of the most traditional villages in Lazio I chose Nemi and Farnese as places to stay. Farnese is a romantic village in the earth of Tuscia. And I really get charmed by the Bed and Breakfast Residenza Farnese, which is a lovely place to stay in a fairy tale setting. Farnese, a […]