L’8 Boutique Design Apartments in Bologna

I have always wanted to visit Bologna, the “young city” as I have always called it. There are a lot of students from all over Italy and it is rich in events. I enjoyed 2 days in Bologna in total relaxation in a lovely, elegant and welcoming apartment: L’8 Boutique Design Apartments, ideal for travelers […]

Residenza Farnese patio

Residenza Farnese, Bed and Breakfast du charme

During my tour of the most traditional villages in Lazio I chose Nemi and Farnese as places to stay. Farnese is a romantic village in the earth of Tuscia. And I really get charmed by the Bed and Breakfast Residenza Farnese, which is a lovely place to stay in a fairy tale setting. Farnese, a […]


12 Emotional Experiences to Live in Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi Coast and its Mediterranean scents, the blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the traditional little villages that light up in the evening… I have good memories of my journey across Amalfi, Sorrento, Positano, Capri and Ravello. For me, it was the second trip of my life after a Sardinian tour. The Amalfi Coast in Italy […]

Best food apps to have while traveling

8 Best Food Apps To Have While Traveling

If you want to bring with you the culinary traditions of a certain country this list of the best food apps will satisfy all your needs! You travel for so many reasons and discovering culinary flavors around the world is one of them, do you agree? You cannot visit a place in the world without […]

toledo spain

Toledo, Spain: What to See in the City of Three Cultures

Toledo is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain together with Segovia, which I really love. It is just 70 km from Madrid and it is a good choice for a day trip. Toledo can easily be visited in one day, but you can also spend a nice weekend here. Toledo is the ideal […]