Visit Stockholm, Sweden: The Best in 3 Days [Travel Itinerary]

Stockholm in Sweden is one of my favorite cities in Europe. I planned a 3-day travel itinerary for those who are going to visit Stockholm for the first time. People use to think that Paris is the most romantic city in the world. I don’t think so. There are many romantic cities in Europe and Stockholm is one of them. You’ll enjoy stunning views over the water when you visit Stockholm. It stretches out over 14 islands. The atmosphere is really magical. It is an orderly city, full of art and innovation. It is a place that always dazzles even when you visit it for the second time and so on. Stockholm has always something new and different to offer travelers, especially those who love design. I have much to tell about this beautiful northern city. For now, follow my advice on the most interesting things to do in Stockholm in 3 days.

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Take a walk in the old city, called Gamla Stam. What I love most about this part is that you can explore the narrow streets weaving through the typical Swedish red and yellow buildings and admire the pretty square Stortorget. This is the perfect start for traditionalists who prefer the old to the new. If you like churches visit Storkyrkan Cathedral, made of red tiles. It is a mix of styles like the medieval and the baroque.

NOTE: Main streets of Västerlånggatan and Öster Långgatan are full of shops where you can buy souvenirs, design objects and Swedish handicrafts.

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Don’t miss the changing of the guard (Vaktavlosning) which takes place at about 12pm and lasts approximately 30 minutes.
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Here are 2 suggestions for your trip:

– If you have an artistic soul don’t miss the National Museum;

– If you love royal palaces visit Stockholm Royal Palace. When I visited Stockholm for the first time I chose to visit this stunning palace.

My advice is to visit the castle after lunch and spending the afternoon sightseeing the city by boat on the canals. The Royal Canal Tour lasts 50 minutes and costs approximately SEK 185.

Here are my suggestions for lunch: Restaurang Kryp to taste typical Swedish food as reindeer and salmon, Coffee Grillska huset, in Stortorget 3, which is only 3 minutes walk from the castle or Jacobs Takeout, right near central station, for salads and sandwiches to take away, at a great quality/price ratio.


The Royal Palace (Kungliga Slottet) is really imposing. If you don’t have much time I suggest not to miss these rooms:

  • Royal Chapel, Representationsvåningarna (Royal Apartments), where Heads of State meet;
  • State Bedchamber, where Gustav III died;
  • Karl XI’s Gallery, used for the annual honoring of the Nobel laureates;
  • “The White Sea” hall, a stunning dining room used at State banquets.

If you have kids they will love:

  • Livrustkammare, the royal armory. It is a fascinating museum which houses weaponry and clothing;
  • Skattkammaren. It is the underground Treasury. Little girls will love dreaming on being like princesses.

Check out info about Kungliga Slottet.

In the evening have a drink at Ice bar by Ice Hotel Stockholm, Marknadsvägen 63, and live a cold experience (minus 7 degrees Celsius all year)! The bar is very peak and it is really cold. I only stayed 10 minutes. Book in advance to save money! Taste vodka in ice glasses!

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Visit the beautiful island of Djurgården which is inside the Ekoparken, the urban park of Stockholm. Go to Skansen, the open-air museum that Hazelius opened in 1891. 150 old buildings (farms, houses, shops, churches, and workshops) reproduce the Swedish life. You can even see the typical buildings of the Sami and, of course, don’t forget to go to the bakery and buy typical Swedish pastries like swivels cinnamon. You can reach Skansen by Bus 47 (always check out!).

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TIP: Coffee Pettisan is at the end of a picturesque cobblestone street. Here you can buy yummy pastries!

After visiting Skansen, enjoy a relaxing break at the cafe of Rosendals Gardens. This place is an institution for the Swedes. It is surrounded by nature, at any period of the year. Even in winter nature shows all its beauty. If it is warm you can enjoy the outdoor  between plants and fruit trees or if it’s cold you can easily stand in the greenhouse. It is so romantic in winter when you can look at the snow outside. Here you can also buy flowers and flower bulbs.

From here, go and visit the Vasa Museum, where you can admire the impressive and amazing vessel of the 17th century and also listening to its history. The vessel sank on 10 August 1628. The museum is amazing!  The entrance for adults is about SEK 130. Free from kids until 18 years. Always check out Vasa museum opening times!

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If you have kids bring them to Junibacken, next to the Vasa Museum. It is a fairytale place for Astrid Lindgren’s tales lovers. Or visit the Aquaria Museum and the Amazonian forest with sharks, corals and piranha.
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Have dinner at the excellent Krejsy’s right in the center of Grona Lund, or at Villa Godthem canal Djurgårdskanalen in Rosendalsvägen 9. Here you can enjoy the traditional Swedish julbord: herring, salmon, meat.


During my stay in Stockholm I decided to enjoy a short trip and I visited Drottningholm Palace which is only 20 minutes from Stadshuset. It is inspired by Versailles. I was not impressed by the interior. The admission is approximately SEK 120 for adults but the park is free to explore and it is really worth it! To the north there is an English park dotted with lakes and charming buildings. Check out the website for opening times.

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To get to Drottningholm take the underground (T-bana) to Brommaplan then change to bus 301-323, alternatively 177 or 176 to Drottningholm.

NOTE: This trip only takes no more than 2 hours.

After your visit go to Södermalm district, in the south of Stockholm, known for design shops. You can go to Designtorget, in Götgatan 31, Konsthantverkarna in Södermalmstorg 4 or Blås & Knåda in Hornsgatan 26A, if you are looking for crafts in glass and ceramics.

TIP: If you love photography you can visit the Fotografiska located on the waterfront in Fjällgatan. The museum gives interesting views of Gamla Stam and Djurgården. There is a ladder which allows you to climb the rock wall at the peak and the view is even more beautiful.

Have lunch at the covered market Östermalmshallen in Östermalmstorg. Here you can choose to enjoy any Swedish delicacy but also all kind of cheeses.


Start visiting the Stadshuset, the City Hall known for the Nobel Prize banquet, which takes place in the Blue Room in the Renaissance style. The tower of Stockholm’s City Hall, at 106m (348 feet) high, dominates the skyline from all over the city. You can climb the 365 steps in the tower on your own. Stockholm view is amazing!

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NOTE: The Hall can only be visited on a guided tour, which takes tourists through the Blue Hall and the Golden Hall,  where the Nobel festivities take place. You can send your booking request at

If you have time for a beer or a drink before you leave Stockholm go to the oldest brewery in the city, Kvarnen, in Tjärhovsgatan 4, or to a nice bar in Södermalm, the Pet Sounds Bar in Skånegatan 80.

As you can see there are so many cool things to do in Stockholm and this is not all you can experience. I have travelled 3 times to Stockholm and I can say that it is a city that never bores you!

Visit Stockholm if you want to experience the magic of this Nordic city 🙂

Have you ever visited Stockholm? What did you enjoy most?

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