I help slow travel enthusiasts, luxury day trippers and culture lovers, design and plan the finest travel experiences tailored on their personality type.

travel designer Maria Sole Orlando and luxury marketing director

Who I am

Hello everyone! I’m Maria Orlando, a Travel Designer and Luxury Marketing Specialist made in Sicily. My passion for life and travel is endless. Traveling has been always part of my life since I was a child (and yes I still feel like a child). I love discovering awesome off the beaten path places and now it is time to share them with you all and to help you plan your perfect trip! Here is something about me and my crazy life!

travellector as luxury blog

What Travellector is

Travellector is a place for active travel dreamers, luxury travellers and day trippers, lovers of hidden gems of local cultures, who choose to travel chasing their own desires and personality. We don’t travel the same way, because we are all different. This is what makes your trip a unique experience to live. Are you planning your next adventure, but you need some advice to get inspired about your destination? Visit my blog!

travellector tailored luxury experiences

How I can help you

How many of you are struggling to choose the next travel destination? Sometimes it is not east, isn’t it? You would love to visit almost everything and you are getting confused about which is the best place not to miss. I have the solution. Knowing your personality type will let you save time and enjoy the best places tailored for you. Take this free test and if you want a piece of advice feel free to send me a travel request.

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luxury travel experiences

Luxury experiences

If you are a luxury day tripper you need some tips and inspirations to live the finest travel experiences ever. Your dream starts here.

traditional villages and small towns

Traditional villages

If you are tied to tradition and the past you will love these lovely traditional villages and towns, where the time has stopped.

travel itineraries and guides

Travel itineraries

City breaks are the perfect choice for anyone looking to relax and get away from the chaos. Have a look at the best travel itineraries.

travel tips and ideas

Travel tips and ideas

Travel smart and enjoy your journey! Find out the best travel tips for romantic getaways, solo travel, business trips and more.

restaurants and bars

Food & Wine

Embrace the pleasure of tasty food and amazing cocktails. I’ll share with you the best restaurants and bars I discovered during my trips.

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sicily travel blog

I was born and I live in Sicily, an island lying outside time. Its strategic location at the centre of the Mediterranean has made it a crossroads of history. It is a fascinating place, quite unlike any other. Here you can really find whatever you want. Famous people like poets, artists, writers, philosophers, fell in love with Sicily when they visited it for the first time.

Goethe said “To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything.” Also Jean Houel, a French painter, said “I was enchanted…the limpidity of the sky, the restless splendor of the sun, the beauty of the countryside, a certain excitement of the fantasy…which brought to mind the time when in the fields one encountered the divine.”

Sicily is pure magic and I will get to know it like a local. I will help you plan your itinerary giving you the best advice to enjoy hidden gems and incredible places, to taste sublime food, and more! Visit my Sicily blog to fell in love with my island.


Reasons to travel around the world

This might seem like an obvious question, but how many times have you stopped to think about the reasons that push you to travel? What can you learn from a trip? If you really know why you travel you can also discover more things about yourself! Read one of my most popular posts and get inspired!

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