My mantra is “follow your passion“. This is what I always do in my life. When I worked in corporate training I learnt a lot about personality, attending NLP and Structogram courses. So I thought of combining two great passions of my life, Travel and People, into one project: Travellector. I do love traveling. I visited many cities but I want to travel more.

I live in Italy and I have visited almost all European countries, included places which are off the beaten path. So a lot of my posts will focus on these travel destinations.

For me, traveling is not only discovering new realities, entering new worlds and understanding new cultures, but also rediscovering ourselves and what we did not believe to be. This is why I decided to create a new concept of travel based on personality. Just because

the journey starts within us!

My challenge is to help you live the best travel experience based on your personality type, sharing my travel tips but also…writing in English, which is not my native language, lol 😉 Don’t forget that

you live the journey in totally unique ways.

Cannot you do without losing yourself in nature? Would you go back to your childhood every time you start a new journey? Or do not you want to give up the delights of the palate (and who wants to give up…for a greedy like me it is impossible) and discover bars, restaurants (also little known) that satisfy your culinary cravings? But not only that! Have you ever considered the fact that your state of mind affects the perception you have of the journey?

Here you will find practical travel tips which also reflect your way of being. Planning your journey according to your needs will make you save time and enjoy a unique and extraordinary experience. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone. I’ll be your virtual shoulder. Are you ready to follow me through this new adventure? Are you ready to take part of Travellector project? My blog is YOUR blog, it is YOUR place, YOUR community.

Discover yourself, live your journey following your desires and your feelings, and collect the best moments like a good travellector does! Do you want me to plan your itinerary? Send me your travel request!



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