Where to stay in Salina Island: SalinArte Bed and Breakfast

If you are planning to visit Salina, in the Aeolian Islands, I suggest you to stay at SalinArte Bed and Breakfast. I chose it for my weekend in Salina. This is a nice and peaceful place where you can enjoy in perfect harmony with nature. It is the right place for families, couples and who […]

One-Day Romantic Getaway in Florence

My friend wanted to celebrate his 4th wedding anniversary with his beautiful wife and he told me to plan a romantic getaway in Florence. He is sensitive, romantic. He loves to surprise beloved people. He also asked me to find good places to eat pasta. Yes, he also like eating good food 😉 Florence is […]

Agiofili beach, beautiful white beach in Lefkada

Agiofili beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Lefkada. The sea and the colors of this beach are really enchanting: turquoise waters and white pebbles. I love Greece and I have visited it several times because of its natural beauty and its excellent quality/price ratio. Agiofili beach is a very small beach. Starting […]

4 Places to Eat the Best Granita in Catania

There are 4 places to eat the best granita in Catania. Granita is a unique experience for your taste buds. You have to taste it and then you won’t do without it. The only true granita is Sicilian. While in the northern of Italy it is made of crushed ice and various syrups (this is […]

Debod Temple, a Hidden Egyptian Jewel in the Heart of Madrid

The Debod Temple is an ancient Egyptian temple in Madrid, dedicated to the Gods Isis and Amon. It dates from the 4th century BC. It was given as gift to Spain in 1968 as a symbolic recognition of the archaeological mission that saved some temples of Nubia by flooding downstream of the Aswan Dam. It […]