20 Best Travel Apps to Plan Your Next Adventure [Infographic]

All best travel apps can make traveler’s life easier. Nowadays we can have everything at the click of a button. There are so many travel apps which are useless and the temptation to download all of them is strong. When you travel choose the best travel apps to face any situation before and during your trip. Don’t weigh down the your phone’s software, otherwise you will have low performance and little room to capture the best moments of your trip.

Let’s get started! 🙂


It compares the prices of many low cost airlines and you can find any type of flight according to your needs: direct, indirect, economic, business. A must for people traveling by air.


It lets you book and access any airport lounges around the world.


This is one of my favourite travel apps. I never had any problems in booking a hotel. My advice, however, is to use it in combination with an app like Tripadvisor, to read travelers’ reviews.


This travel app allows you to find amazing last minute hotels deals and it also gives you recommendations for activities.


This app helps you claim your money for a delayed, canceled or overbooked flight. And you know that this is something that often happens.


This amazing travel app allows you to find accommodation in the world: houses, b&b, rooms. You can also rent your house. I love it, because you can also find unusual houses!


Check out travelers’ reviews but beware! They are not always reliable. If a hotel has only positive reviews, maybe they are from friends supporting its business. Usually, active reviewers are more reliable. There are also people who give negative reviews to damage businesses! In short, opt for something in between and don’t forget that we all have different opinions!


Choose the places you would like to visit and you will receive the best deals in your email! Flights are booked through Skyscanner.


The feature of this travel app is that it requires no wi-fi spot or data service to work. Just download the map you need and use it during your trip. It is perfect for a business trip. Download the map of your destination before you leave and you can use it anywhere, anytime.


One of the best travel apps to plan your itinerary entirely: reservation confirmations, flights and the distance of the hotel, which is important to save time while you travel.


This is a paid app, but it is the best travel app to create your customized packing list, based on length of travel, weather at your destination and any activities planned during your trip.


It allows to plan your itinerary and get directions to reach a point of interest. It also shows how many minutes the route takes. You can save time when you travel! It also works offline, just save your itinerary before you use it.


Do you use public transport? Moovit allows you to find the quickest routes in real time and info about buses, trains, subway lines! It has an interactive map and you can also plan your route.


This is a great travel app, better than Moovit, but at the moment there are only a few cities. You can check out times and departures in real time for buses, trams, metro, trains and bike stations.

15. WAZE

I think you don’t like to get stuck in traffic, just like me 😉 Waze gives you real-time info about traffic conditions: accidents or hitches for work in progress. You can organize an alternative route saving time!


This app allows you to find free or paid public wifi hotspots. I only use it for business trips,  otherwise I prefer to detox as much as possible from the web.


It is an easy travel expense tracker, that lets you set a daily budget and tracks your spending.


If you travel by car (this is one of the thing I love the most) this is one of the best travel apps. You can track mpg, costs, frequency of fuel stops. You can also email your fuel logs.


Are you traveling abroad? Maybe you don’t know languages and you need an automatic translator. iTranslate is my favorite one!

20. YELP

It allows you to find any activities nearby: restaurants, pubs filtering searches price, distance. Very useful!

I created an infographic just for you!

Did I miss any? Please suggest your best travel apps in the comments.

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12 replies
  1. Alexa says:

    Great list! I use most of these app and they are really helpful. I would just also add a good navigational app Spyglass. It works great when offline, assuming that you pre-download the maps that you need in advance. It shows your accurate coordinates and your current position on a map, allows to mark locations and waypoints, share your locations with friends and much more.

  2. Nina says:

    Hi Maria, great tips and great post, as always! My favorite is Packing Pro, I always need some help deciding what to take with me and what to leave at home. Looking forward to reading more about interesting travelapps. 🙂

    • Maria Orlando says:

      Nina I’m so happy to hear from you! Packing Pro is a great app. I also need a powerful app which works as alarm clock to bring me to reality when I have to decide what to take with me and what to leave at home lol I will write about other helpful apps! 😉

  3. Ellen Smithfield says:

    Great list. Another very useful app is Simply Declare. It tracks the goodies we buy while abroad and have to declare to customs when coming home. It has a handy currency converter and notepad also.

  4. Ana Carvajal says:

    Geotag Photos Pro is a great app! It logs your gps position and then you can add this information to your photographs. The photographs can be displayed on a map using software like iPhoto. It is a great tool to remember where all the churches you visited actually were!!
    Great website!
    Liking it from my personal account on FB.

    • Maria Orlando says:

      Hi Ana! Yes, I know Geotag Photos Pro! It is a great app although I don’t use it to plan a trip, because I usually plan my itinerary before I travel! Thank you so much for your precious comment! I also visited your lovely website! Keep in touch! 😉

  5. Anna says:

    that’s a really nice list! well I usually use the website equivalent of let’s say Booking, Skyscanner and Tripadvisor, so no need for the actual app! Now the one I’d definitely download is the wifi finder…when travelling abroad it’s my constant problem nowadays…

    • Maria Orlando says:

      Thank you so much Anna! 🙂 Just like you I often use the website for Booking or Skyscanner, but sometimes I used them as apps when I was abroad, especially when I had to look for a flight. Then WiFi Finder is very useful!


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