Things to Do in Malmö, the Perfect City for a Relaxing Getaway

If you are looking for a relaxing getaway in Sweden Malmö could be your choice. Malmö is a modern, neat and elegant city which really offers a lot of cool things to do. The best period to visit Malmö is in spring or in summer. I traveled to Malmö during my road trip from Copenhagen to Sweden. The amazing Øresund Bridge is a wonderful invention. It connects Denmark to Sweden. A one-way ticket (BroPass) costs 179 SEK and you can get to Sweden in just 30 minutes. The charm of this bridge also lies in the fact that the Danish side is underwater.

Here are my suggestions about how to spend a few hours in Malmö.

NOTE: There are many people who don’t like museums. I didn’t visit any museums in Malmö, because I only had a few hours, but if you are addicted to museums I recommend Technology & Maritime Museum. Here there is a stunning submarine! If you have kids you can go to Malmö Folkets, an amusement park which is only 10 minutes away from the center of the city.


Malmö is a cycle-friendly city, but if you want you can take a nice walk. The price of the bike is from 120 SEK one day. You can rent a bycicle at:

  • Malmö Travel Shop, Carlsgatan4A
  • Fridhems Bikeshop, Östra Rönneholmsgatan 26
  • Cykelkliniken, Centralplan 10

One of the best things to do in Malmö is living its nature.

Malmo parks
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There are beautiful parks and if you want to discover them from another perspective rent a pedal boat! This is the ideal solution if you are feeling tired and especially if you have kids in tow. Prices for pedal boats are approximately 150 SEK for 1 hour for up to 4 people. If you have the Malmö card you get a discount of about 30 SEK, not bad.

TIP: buy the card only if you want to stay more than 2 days.

Go to Amiralsbron, the bridge is located just behind the Stotorget. The parks of Kungsparken and Slottsparken stroll along the canal, which is open from April to August. This is so good both to relax and have fun! The Kungsparken (The King’s Park) is full of flowers, rare trees and tree-lined streets. There is also a cave and a restaurant that dates back to 1912 and which houses the Malmö casino. The Slottsparken (the Park of the Castle) is characterized by meadows, ponds and sculptures. Here you can find the famous sculpture of the Man and the Pegasus by Carl Milles, a famous Swedish sculptor.

After your pedal boat tour go to the main square of Malmö, Stotorget, and then to Lilla Torget. This is the older and smaller square in Malmö with a characteristic Swedish architecture. It is always lively and full of cafès and little restaurants.
Malmö square
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Visit the Baroque church of Sankt Petri, with its Gothic Baltic architecture. There are stunning ancient frescoes inside of it.
Sankt Petri in Malmö
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Sankt Petri church in Malmö
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Have lunch at Bastard restaurant near the Stotorget square. Otherwise choose street food. There is a korvkiosk (hot dog stand) on every street corner. Here you can buy the typical Swedish hot-dog (no more than 40 SEK) . Inside the bread there is a cylindrical space where you can put the sausage. So yummy! 😉


Go to Malmhus area to see the impressive castle and the windmill: the Slottsmollan.

Then, go to the ecological district of Vastra Hamnen. Here you can admire the Turning Torso, the famous residential building, known for its shape and rotation. The artist is a Spanish architect. The building is 190 meters high and has 54 floors!
Turning Torso in Malmö
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Do not miss the view of Copenhagen and the Øresund from the Ribersborg beach, also called “Ribban” by the Swedes. In summer, it is very crowded, many festivals are organized and you can play beach volleyball.
Ribersborg beach in Malmö
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As you can see there are so relaxing things to do in Malmö and we all need a bit of relaxation, don’t we? 🙂



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  1. Samantha says:

    I had heard of Turning Torso in one of my art classed in high school (many years ago, lol) but did not know where it was. So glad to see a picture of it and know where it is. Thanks for a great post with awesome pictures 🙂

    • Maria Orlando says:

      Hey Sam! You told me you have a friend in Sweden. This is a great opportunity to visit this stunning country! I love Sweden, you can find whatever you want according to your personality type 😉

  2. Cafe Cortado says:

    I have never been to scandinavian countries, but it is my great wish to go there. Good to know Malmo is bike friendly city as I adore exploring cities by bicycles. 😀


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