Eilean Donan, the most romantic castle in Scotland

There are romantic places that will remain in your heart, forever. Eilean Donan Castle, in Scotland, is one of them. This place is amazing for couples. Eilean Donan means “Island of Donan”. It originates from the name of a Celtic religious hermit who lived on the island in the early 7th century. Located on a small island in Loch Duich, it is connected to the mainland by a stone bridge with three arches and nestled in a picturesque landscape. It looks like a painting fairy tale. The only difference is that it really exists. And when the faint rays of sunlight create a silver mirror on the water, and the light breeze blowing through your hair you really doubt that it is fiction or reality…

The charm of the story takes possession of this building whose first fortification dates from the mid of the thirteenth century. Over the years the castle has been owned by several families. If you decide to visit the interior you can look at the pictures.

Parking is free.  If you are intrigued by the history visit the inside of the castle, not only the outside (which is completely free). But I want to warn you of the fact that the price of adult admission is about 8 pounds, not all rooms are open to visitors and unfortunately you cannot take pictures. I personally liked the interior, a real shame that I couldn’t take pictures.

The Billeting Room has a vaulted ceiling and the acrid smell of burning fireplace permeates the room. The largest room, the Great Hall is steeped in the history. Scottish flags, relics, portraits and weapons are everywhere.
A nice kitchen with all working staff has been rebuilt and the food is really realistic. There are very narrow aisles and it is easy to fantasize about secret hiding places. Think of visiting or not the inside but do not give up to the external visit. Then, you can visit the Isle of Skye, which is near to the Castle.  Eilean Donan Castle is amazing at night. Lights are everywhere!

NOTE: The opening hours are from 10 to 17. In July and in August, the opening is at 9 o’clock.

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