Silence is Golden: 5 Reasons to Enjoy a Moment of Silence

Silence is golden, especially because we live a frantic life each day. Often it is a condition we do need. Wherever we live and wherever we travel, we’ll always feel the need to carve out a moment of silence which is essential to us as the air we breathe. Silence is never irrelevant, but has extremely positive effects on our lives, on the relationship we have with ourselves and on what we build with others.

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1. Silence is a bridge. I like to define it as a bridge between our surroundings and our inner self. We often lose touch with ourselves. Silence allows us to communicate with our soul and listen to his deepest needs, to reclaim our personal space, to gain again the control of our thoughts and actions. Don’t you think it is beautiful to talk to yourself? This is what too often misses.

2. Silence is creative. Thomas Mann said that “creativity, art and poetry can be found in the loneliness”. I agree with him. The mind is always in constant ferment and the silence is an interval where the words of the soul flow easily. A moment of silence is a parenthesis of calm and peace that surrounds us completely. Here is where the best ideas are born. We feel more inspired to write a book, a poem, to paint, to play an instrument. Silence lets us enhance our skills in art, music, writing. We express the most of what we are, because we have more time to take care of the creative part of us.

3. Silence is sensitivity. We become more sensitive, because silence allows us to dig deeper into our soul. We all have had difficult moments in life and often we have confined in silence, in that space where emotions are stronger and the only words are those between You and Yourself.

4. Silence helps us dispel uncertainties. The most important decisions in life often require silence. They cannot match the noise of what surrounds us, because they make themselves heard.

5. Silence is meditation. Our memories come more easily when we meditate on our lives. We are what we are because of what we have lived. Silence helps us to think about how to improve our lives, what dreams we have to focus on, and what we really want. We think of the past to build our future.

Always treat yourself a moment to regain your personal space: a walk in the woods, a day at the beach, only a moment for you to enjoy your passions. Listen to the rustle of the wind shaking the trees, the birds chirping, your own breath. When I am at work I do like to listen to nature sounds at Noisli. This website lets you to make your own nature music background: rain, water, ocean and whatever you want to listen to. It is so relaxing and the background also changes colors!

Sometimes try to travel alone, just a short trip. One of the reasons to travel is to find yourself inside the silence, to discover what you don’t know about your personality. If you live in a crowdy city enjoy a moment of silence in an unknown place to feel yourself! Life speaks to us every day! As Lao Tzu said:

“Take time to listen to what is said without words, to obey the law too subtle to be written, to worship the unnameable and to embrace the unformed.”

Lao Tzu silence quote
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Silence makes noise. Silence is itself the word, because conveys our thoughts, our emotions, our inner world in a magical and unique place. It strips us completely helping us to be fully ourselves. Silence is never without anything, but it is authentic presence of ourselves in the world.

I want to suggest you a wonderful book: Silence: How to Find Inner Peace In a Busy World by Christina Feldman, where the writer explores the importance of silence in our life. Here is a beautiful excerpt:

“Silence is a teacher; within it we learn some of the deepest lessons of our lives — about aloneness and intimacy, joy and sorrow, conflict and peace. When we speak less to the world and everything in it, we bring a silence in which we can listen to the story of life, other people, and our own heart. We learn to treasure listening and the richness it offers more than the busyness of our conclusions, assumptions, knowledge, or opinions.”

Do you agree with me that silence is golden? How do you enjoy a moment of silence?

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