10 Best Restaurants in Copenhagen to Eat Like a Local

Copenhagen is a beautiful city in northern Europe. It inspires travelers on all fronts, especially in terms of design, but also of culinary delights. Often, restaurants in Copenhagen are expensive and it is not always easy to find cheap restaurants. Some Travellector’s fans are going to visit it and they asked me for some tips on how to spend 3 days in Copenhagen and where to eat. They like places to eat like a local and possibly with a good background music. If you want to listen to good music while you enjoy your meal there are many pubs in the Irish style, but if you want to taste the real Danish food you have to choose other places. Sometimes you can find a compromise. I thought I’d draw up a list of my favorite restaurants in Copenhagen, where you can eat well without spending a fortune. Restaurants are not listed in order of importance or best food. Let’s get started!


1. Ida Davidsen. Store Kongensgade 70. Website.

This place is really fantastic! It is famous for smørrebrød, which are classic Danish open-sandwiches. It is open only for lunch and  it is closed on weekends. Book in advance if you want to visit it. One smørrebrød costs about 110 DKK, but it’s yummy. Obviously, prices depend on the type of seasoning. Taste Victor Borge smørrebrød with salmon, crayfish tails, caviar and shrimps. I also tasted a smørrebrød with chicken and bacon. Sublime!

2. Aamanns Etablissement. Oster Farimagsgade 10. Website.
Another great spot to enjoy a good smørrebrød is Aamanns Deli & Take away. It is near the National Gallery of Denmark, the Botanical Gardens and the beautiful Rosenborg Castle. It is a bit far away from the main tourist attractions, but you can easily reach it by bycicle. Choose the take-away formula instead of sitting at the restaurant, because itt is cheaper. Go for lunch if you want to find smørrebrød. There is a wide selection of smørrebrød with different ingredients such as beef, fish, cheese. One smørrebrød costs about 65-60 DKK. My favourite smørrebrød are: Organic eggs and smoked salmon and smørrebrød with chicken salad and curry.

3. Kanal Cafeen. Frederiksholms Kanal 18. Website.

This restaurant is located next to the Slotsholmen district, near tourist attractions such as National Museum, Christiansborg, Tivoli Park. You will enjoy it because it is in front of one of the canals of Copenhagen. It is an old-fashioned restaurant in a typical Danish style with many pictures on the walls. Smørrebrød price starts from 50 DKK. There are all kinds of smørrebrød and for all tastes. I tasted one with fillet, shrimps and asparagus. The portions are generous, no risk to be hungry. I don’t like places that gives you a mini portion of food. Do you agree? It is only open until 17. Taste the chicken salad with bacon and asparagus! You can also split a few dishes to taste more flavors. Many Danes eat here.

Unusual fast food

4. Grill Royal Kongens Nytorv. Kongens Nytorv 26. Website.

If you really cannot do without the hamburger choose the best in Copenhagen. I call it aristocratic fast food, not because it is expensive, but because it is far from being compared to usual fast food. It is located close to the most beautiful canal in Copenhagen: Nyahvn and the Copenhagen Opera House. Nearby there are museums such as the Royal Danish Theater (Kongelige Teater), The David Collection and Frederiks Kirke (Marmorkirken).
This is also the ideal place for meat lover. Portions are very generous. The meat is always accompanied by fresh salad and chips and if you want more chips you don’t have to pay extra. The menu is basic, but the quality is what makes the difference. The location is great and you can go there after a tour by boat on the canal.

A dish consisting of 400 grams of grilled meat accompanied by salad and chips costs 250 DKK. A sandwich or a hamburger is about 100 DKK. This is a tasty hamburger, not what you eat in the usual fast food! Go for lunch. If you choose to go for dinner try the mussels with white wine and herbs aïoli at the price of 200 DKK. They are tasty although not as Sicilian mussels. I’m biased 😉  A dessert costs about 50 DKK. Try yummy passion fruit sundae with burnt white chocolate. You can easily eat well spending  200 DKK.

Frikadeller, meat and fish (salmon and herring fillets)

5. Cap Horn. 21 Nyhavn. Website.

This restaurant is located right on the Nyhavn canal where the boats dock. The atmosphere is warm. I love beige walls contrasting with bright green. The food quality is excellent. Prices are in line with those of Copenhagen. Here you can eat both meat and fish. Try the herring fillets with a creamy egg salad at the price of 55 DKK. You can also choose a complete lunch. It costs 155 DKK and includes butter-fried fillet of plaice, pieces of chicken with celery, apples, crisp bacon and bread, and warm pâté with mushrooms and bacon.

6. Restaurant Klubben. Enghavevej 4. (Vesterbro – Kongens Enghave) Website.

If you are near the Frederiksberg district this restaurant serves traditional Danish food. Taste frikadeller, meatballs with boiled potatoes, cabbage and beetroot at a price of 109 DKK or fried fish fillets served with french fries at a price of 129 DKK. You won’t find many tourists. My friend tasted the old-fashioned joint of beef with potatos, glazed onions, vegetables. Amazing! Many people chose salmon or fleskestek. The atmosphere is very intimate. You can have a great lunch at a price of 180 DKK.

7. Café Dyrehaven. Sonder Boulevard 72. Website.

You can reach this lovely place in Vesterbro by bycicle and it is mostly frequented by Danes. My favorite dish is the eggs benedict and it’s what I’ve tasted. They were accompanied by bread, spinach, smoked ham. Price 70 DKK. If you want to try something unique then choose the toasted malt bread with avocado, tomatoes and herbs (40 DKK). Frikadeller and goat cheese salad are good! The atmosphere is amazing. You can relax listening to good music.

8. Cafe Petersborg. Bredgade 76. Website.

This cafe, close to Kastellet and Churchillparken, National Museum and the Museum of Design is very old and it is Danish despite the Russian name. In the past it was the seat of the Russian embassy and was the favorite Russian sailors’ restaurant. Here you cannot miss the typical frikadeller (Danish meatballs with red cabbage and potatoes at a price of 108 DKK) and  homemade biksemad, made with potatoes, meat and onions, served with the traditional fried egg on top. It costs 108 DKK. I highly recommend it because the price quality/ratio is excellent! You can eat spending no more than 180 DKK and you save 10% with Copenhagen Card. The menu is huge, you can choose anything you want even at lower prices. Kitchen closes early in the night! I think at 20.30pm.

Gluten free

9. 42 Raw. Pilestræde 32. Website.

I love this little place. I’m not not vegan but I eat more vegetables than meat and when I am in Copenhagen and I want to make a light meal 42 Raw is my choice. There are many gluten free dishes. My favorite dish is the risotto with organic brown rice. It costs about 60 DKK. Sandwiches and salads are delicious. At the end of meal taste a smoothie like Blueberries & basil. It costs 45 DKK.

Jazz lovers

10. Jazzhus Montmartre. Store Regnegade 19A. Website.

If you want to experience something different go to Jazzhus Montmartre. There are many places in Copenhagen where you can enjoy live jazz music. Here you can enjoy 3 courses before the concert at the price of DKK 350. The concert ticket is not included. You can buy it at the entrance or via this website. Dinner includes main course, second course and dessert. There are different combinations. You will enjoy a unique evening!

In my opinion, these are the best restaurants in Copenhagen to eat like a local.

Have you ever been to Copenhagen? If yes, where did you taste the most yummy Danish food?



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  1. Karsten Becker says:

    No.1 + no. 2 is NOT a picture of real life. fx Cafe´Lindevang comes before 1+2 and more.

    regards Karsten

    • Maria Orlando says:

      Hi Karsten, thanks for your advice. I’ve never tried Cafe´Lindevang. Then no.1 and no.2 ARE pictures of real life and restaurants are not listed in order, just like I wrote in the article.



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