Masseria della Volpe: Charming Ecotourism Luxury Hotel in Noto, Sicily

Masseria della Volpe is a charming ecotourism luxury hotel in Noto, Sicily. During my weekend in Noto I couldn’t resist to a 5-stars relax and after I googled I found this chic ecotourism luxury hotel in Val di Noto, just 20 minutes from the center of the European Baroque capital. It has been the perfect choice. I took advantage of a special offer for the new opening and the price for a double room with balcony was €162 (the difference between a room with and without balcony was only €16). I did not want to give up the wonderful view that this luxury relais hotel offers: the resort, the pool, the wild Val di Noto with olive and citrus trees and the Mediterranean Sea in the distance.

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In the past the manor farm, which dates back to 1800, was used for the production and harvesting of olives and citrus. These activities were very popular in the Sicilian countryside. Today Masseria della Volpe is an ecotourism luxury hotel which respects the environment using typical materials of Val di Noto such as the beautiful white stone and local materials such as wood. The manor farm still retains much of its old-world charm but in a new light: a chic and elegant atmosphere of a luxury resort environmentally sustainable.
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The olive oil you can taste at Masseria della Volpe’s Codarossa Restaurant is produced from the olive trees and lemons and oranges come from the orchard which lies on the west side of the hotel.
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The wonderful pool is surrounded by the greenery of Val di Noto with seating areas where you can grant an afternoon siesta or enjoy a drink at sunset, a park with olive and carob trees and citrus trees, and Codarossa Restaurant. At breakfast you can taste marmalades from citrus groves of the farm, fresh fruit, organic jams. I call it a luxury breakfast.

breakfast at masseria della volpe in noto sicily
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You can also spend your time at a small gym and a small spa. Here the entry to the turkish bath and Jacuzzi in the countryside is included in the price of your stay. If you want to enjoy a massage or any other treatments to relax your mind and your body you have to book it. An ayurvedic massage cost about €90. It is great to recharge your batteries.
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The energy that powers Masseria della Volpe is renewable and comes from photovoltaic panels that are located in the parking area. From here you can rent a bike to explore the park. I really enjoyed Masseria della Volpe and I do hope to go back to this chic and relaxing relais hotel. Does this picture show that I enjoyed it to the fullest?

masseria della volpe in noto sicily
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 Masseria della Volpe

Contrada Casale, Noto, Sicily

Tel. 0931 856055


Have you ever visited an ecotourism luxury resort? If yes, where?

2 replies
  1. Kelly says:

    Hi Maria
    Your blog is great – really helpful & fun! I have found it difficult to find good information about Sicily on the internet, especially information that is directed to ‘younger’ travellers who want to see and do different things (and not just visit places with all the tourist masses).
    And I think you’ve sold me on booking two nights at Masseria della volpe – it looks amazing!!!

    • Maria Orlando says:

      Hi Kelly!!!

      It is soooo kind of you 🙂 That’s true! Info about Sicily are often really generic on the internet but I’m happy to be helpful to discover my beautiful island. Masseria della Volpe is something people have to try when visit Sicily (I didn’t want to leave it anymore!!! lol). Please, feel free to ask me for some advice if you are thinking to travel to Sicily. I’ll be happy to help you plan an itinerary just for younger travellers like you 😉


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