Montevettolini, Glimpses of a Medieval Village in Tuscany

Montevettolini is a charming medieval village in the hills of the Tuscan city of Pistoia. It is part of the municipality of Monsummano Terme. During my visit in Pistoia, I literally enjoyed exploring medieval towns. Montevettolini is one of those villages where the silence enters your veins; maybe, this is one of the reasons why I won’t forget this trip. The walls steeped in history retain the charm of streets, alleys, views, palaces and ancient churches, and you’ll be catapulted into the past. Walking through the narrow streets you can enjoy superb views. It seems that time has stopped.

And if you are a curious traveller you will also strucked by this old house…Who knows what is hidden behind that door!

Everything is well preserved: the Town Hall, the Church of San Michele Arcangelo dated XII-XIII with the Bell Tower. The center of the town was the seat of power and it remains intact in every detail.

Throughout the year, many events are organized in Montevettolini, such as the well known Medieval Feast. You will have access to the country knocking on the original door ( just like the ones you often see in the movies set in the Medieval Era) where the guards will make you enter the village after you introduce yourself (obviously it is a sort of joke to make you fully immersed in the medieval atmosphere of the place). During this feast the village comes alive with characters such as fire eaters, musicians and  minstrels. They represent the medieval life. Take a walk around the markets of artisans and medieval camps. Stalls of various local products and dishes are served in crocks. Also cultural associations organize amazing falconry shows.

TIP: The entrance to Montevettolini is FREE. During the events you can make an offer.

Nature and history at the same time! Enjoy the last view of Montevettolini!

Another nice medieval village near Montevettolini is Serravalle. You could visit it, if you like the mix of nature and history!

Do you like medieval villages? They are so lovely and you could combine them if you are spending a romantic day in Florence!

Leave a comment and let me know if you have ever visited one of them!

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